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Dayton, Ohio

Season 1 Episodes


Episode 1

In this debut episode, Baron Von Porkchop returns from the grave and is reunited with the Baroness and their loyal servant, Bean.  Upon returning to Porkchop Manor, the Baron meets his neighbor Sleazy Tom and introduces our first film, The House on Haunted Hill.  


Episode 2

In the second episode, the Baron and Bean take on a messy project, building the Baron's Pigman.  But they have to be sure to clean up by the end of the movie...before the Baroness gets home. 


Episode 3

The Baron goes to Frankenstein's Castle to tell ghost stories.  But Stephen Von Frankenstein and Melvin need the Baron's help to track down their missing monster




Episode 4

The Baron, Baroness and Bean help the Son of Hercules on a quest.  They've got to find a golden apple, guarded by a witch deep within a haunted college. 



Episode 5

The Baron and Baroness travel to Big Bear in Lebanon, Ohio to sell the Baron's new Pigman sausages, but the store has closed.  So our undead couple sets out on foot, going door to door to sell the sausage. 


Episode 6

The Baron and Bean visit Duke, a famous werewolf hunter, to discuss werewolf films and werewolf hunting in Ohio.  


Episode 7

The Baron goes on a fishing trip to catch the Killer Catfish of Turtle Creek.  He's armed with some unusual bait, but will he be able to snare this elusive fish? 


Episode 8

The Baron and Baroness hold a dinner party to celebrate the life and memory of the late Dr. Creep, a legendary horror host from Dayton, Ohio.