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Dayton, Ohio

Season 2 Episodes


Episode 9

While cleaning out the Manor's garage, the Baron and Bean unearth a collection short films from independent directors around the country.


Episode 10

It's an epic battle for time and space when Baron Von Porkchop gets a strange new video game called Space Invaders


Episode 11

The Baron and Bean visit with Dayton, Ohio independent filmmaker Andrew Copp to chat about the art of movie making. 



Episode 12

When a supernatural creature steals from the Baroness, the Baron must track down the thief and return the stolen object. 


Episode 13

The Baron's long-lost son returns to the Manor to spend some quality time with his father.  The only problem is that the Baron doesn't actually have a son. 


Episode 14

The Baron decides to try his hand at broadcasting by getting a part time job at a local radio station.  The airwaves won't know what hit them when he gets behind the microphone. 


Episode 15

Baron Von Porkchop visits Malice's bridge, the site of many local werewolf sightings and the setting for Wolfhunter 1 & 2


Episode 16

When Bean announces he's retiring from Porkchop Manor to pursue true love, the Baron and Baroness must interview candidates for a new butler. 


Episode 17

Mondo Smash-A-Go-Go's Iris and Retina join the Baron in Eaton, Ohio on the hunt for an elusive ingredient for the Baron's prize-winning chili: Bigfoot. 


Episode 18

The New Burlington Annual Chili Cook-Off pits Baron Von Porkchop's Bigfoot chili against his rival Count Van Lambchop's chicken beak chili.